Best 1983-2017 by Howard Jones

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  1. Things Can Only Get Better (2018 Remaster)
  2. No One Is to Blame (2018 Remaster)
  3. What is Love? (2008 Remastered Version)
  4. New Song (2018 Remaster)
  5. Like To Get To Know You Well
  6. Pearl In The Shell
  7. Hide and Seek (2008 Remastered Version)
  8. Everlasting Love
  9. Look Mama (2018 Remaster)
  10. Life in One Day (2018 Remaster)
  11. Specialty
  12. All I Want
  13. You Know I Love You, Don't You?
  14. Little Bit Of Snow
  15. The Prisoner
  16. Will You Still Be There?
  17. Lift Me Up
  18. City Song
  19. One Last Try
  20. Cookin In The Kitchen
  21. Nothing To Fear
  22. You're The Buddha
  23. If You Love
  24. Let The People Have Their Say
  25. Just Look At You Now
  26. Revolution Of The Heart
  27. The Presence of Other
  28. Someone You Need
  29. Soon You'll Go
  30. Ordinary Heroes
  31. Joy
  32. The Human Touch
  33. Eagle Will Fly Again
  34. Back In Your Life (Acoustic Live)
  35. Building Our Own Future (Acoustic Live)
  36. City Song (Acoustic Live)
  37. No One Is To Blame (Acoustic Live)
  38. Everlasting Love (Acoustic Live)
  39. Just Look At You Now (Electric Live)
  40. Don't Wanna Fight Anymore (Electric Live)
  41. Like To Get To Know You Well (Electric Live)
  42. You're The Buddha (Robbie Bronnimann Mix)